A curfew breaking dash to Cudlee Creek Cafe

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A curfew breaking dash to Cudlee Creek Cafe

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I haven't been on a ride since we all decided that branch rides are verboten -well almost.
Weather good, promising rain soon. Ray was busy. So I headed off to one of the Adelaide Hills favourite biker cafes at Cudlee Creek with Michele on the back. (Michele got a flu jab on the way, but they wouldn't do me because I wasn't an existing customer, and they'd run out of vaccine anyway.)

Not much traffic on the roads, but enough slow coaches to get in the way. Fortunately we weren't in a hurry, just took in the lovely hills scenery.
The cafe grub was nice. We took the liberty of eating at a table out back under their verandah. (Distances to others were well and truly maintained.)
The only difference really, was that my hamburger came in a bag instead of on a plate. And below the cafe is that nice park where diners can go to eat their takeaway in isolation.

Didn't see anyone I knew, but there was a slow but steady trickle of motorcyclists, cyclists and others. Business will have crashed, but I reckon they will survive, just on a smaller scale. Normally bikers and cyclists are the lifeblood of that place. I think that will continue. Not all the bikers who passed, stopped in, but there were quite few on the road (for a Thursday), presumably on the essential trip task of head-clearing.
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Re: A curfew breaking dash to Cudlee Creek Cafe

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I went there after the inaugeral SABC. Loved the roads, the ride, and the milkshake was so good, I had another one. Highly recommended.
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